TV aerials

Our Customer Experience Centre regularly gets asked about TV aerials so here’s a few tips that answer some of the common queries...

  • Silva Homes is responsible for communal TV aerials at blocks of flats and sheltered schemes and not the parts/connections/sockets within homes
  • TV aerials on houses/single dwellings are the responsibility of the customer/home owner
  • Our works to carry out aerial repairs or repairs in the home can be charged back to customers.

Tips to restore TV signal

Our TV aerial contractors find common problems, which can be checked before calling and may restore TV signal:

  1. No batteries or batteries have run out in the remote control
  2. Cable not plugged into the back of the TV
  3. TV cable plugged into the wrong wall socket
  4. The customer had no power cable or TV remote to switch the TV on
  5. TV in analogue mode rather than digital/freeview
  6. TV needs to be re-tuned
  7. Customer own cable faulty
  8. TV is not digital, it’s analogue.