Why does Silva Homes introduce parking management schemes?

The scheme was set up due to numerous complaints from garage owners and users who were unable to access or exit their garage due to obstructions with other vehicles.

Vehicle ownership amongst households is increasing and households frequently have two or three or more vehicles and vans for employment, which the estate areas were not designed for. We, and Bracknell Forest Council, have invested in additional parking but we cannot solve all parking problems.

Feedback from our customers has told us that many are unable to use or access their garages due to the obstructions caused by other residents who are parking in an inconsiderate manner in the garage blocks. The garage forecourts are our private land, and were never meant to be used for parking.

When someone rents or owns a garage, they have a legal right to free, unobstructed access. These schemes are not designed to penalise individuals, but they are introduced to protect legitimate access for those who should have it.

Our motivation is to keep access to garages free, encourage better parking behaviours and prevent the inconsiderate use of our land.

Why does the scheme happen in these areas?

At Great Hollands, around 65% of homes are privately owned and many of the houses and flats do have a garage, but most are not used for parking.

We decided to initially trial a variety of parking enforcement schemes with Parking Control Management (PCM) in Vandyke, Viking, Wordsworth, and at Boyd Court.

The trials were successful so we are rolling it out further and signs may be put up.

Is there a long term strategy to tackle the parking problems in Bracknell?

Our ongoing parking strategy also includes the creation of new parking bays. We have been working closely with Bracknell Forest Council. Since 2011 we have jointly invested £1.2 million and this has resulted in 427 extra parking spaces across 79 roads in the borough.

We intend to continue working with our partners on a long term strategy.

Why PCM?

Parking Control Management (PCM) already work with many local authorities and housing associations and we chose them as they are accredited and have a good reputation.

Before we used them at Great Hollands, notices were put up in advance and we also notified the local councillors. We give a longer notice period from when signs are put up to when the restrictions come into effect than we are required to.

The PCM signs are functioning as a notice to residents as well as providing information about the parking restriction in the garage blocks.

How much money does Silva Homes make from introducing the schemes?

We do not profit from any of the parking control.

For Silva Homes, parking control is not about generating an income. We introduce these schemes purely to ensure unobstructed access for individuals that own or rent garages.

Is Silva Homes responsible for the yellow stickers on cars?

Silva Homes and PCM are not responsible for the yellow stickers that have allegedly been placed on vehicles in Great Hollands. They are in no way connected to the PCM parking scheme.

The stickers, which read ‘Violation. This vehicle is parked illegally and is hereby subject to towing and impoundment – your registration number was recorded’ are being placed by an unknown source. The people responsible for this do not have our permission to be acting in this way.

If you are concerned that someone has been tampering with your car, call the police on 101.

What about the signage? Some are in the wrong place, and some have been damaged.

If you believe that a sign has gone up somewhere that it shouldn’t – for example, on a privately owned home – please let PCM know (see contact details below).

For all signs up on Silva Homes land and properties, do not attempt to remove or deface the signage. This is criminal damage.

If you witness someone behaving in this way, please report it.

Parking enforcement locations

We are reviewing other areas where the parking control may improve parking conditions to allow free access to all residents. Our most recent additions are:

  • Thornhill, Woodmere (Harmans Water)
  • Abbotsbury, Appledore, Ashbourne, Aysgarth, Cunworth Court, Halewood, Highfield, Holbeck, Ringwood, Ullswater, Underwood, Viking, Waverley, Wellbeck, Wheatley, Winscombe, Wroxham, Yardley (Great Hollands)
  • Fraser Road (Priestwood)
  • Lancaster House (Easthampstead
  • Clacy Green garage area (Priestwood).

For each new area, large, visible signs are installed at least two weeks before enforcement begins to give notice to residents. Any damage or removal of a sign is criminal damage and prosecution may be sought.

We collate feedback to help prioritise future parking schemes.