Grounds maintenance and landscaping

Picture of landscaped gardens

The landscaping team maintains all the communal green areas owned by Silva Homes. These include the estates, sheltered housing schemes and assistance which we offer to over customers* who are unable to maintain their gardens. Bracknell Forest has many green open spaces and we aim to keep ours in the best possible condition for all our residents and visitors to enjoy. *subject to elgibility and availability.

The landscaping programme and our service standards.

We aim to:

  • Cut the estate grass regularly, weather permitting, from the beginning of April through to the end of October
  • Strim grass as close as possible to walls, fences and other obstacles as required from April to October
  • Cut the face and top of hedges outside of the bird nesting season and remove cuttings twice a year at the end of July and October
  • Cultivate borders once a year and check for litter or debris and trim growth if it is causing a hazard. Prune shrubs annually or bi-annually
  • Collect and remove leaves once a year from communal greens in autumn
  • Maintain the trees as necessary on an individual basis.

Ride-on mowers are used for estate grass cutting followed by pedestrian mowers and strimmers to cut any smaller or difficult to access areas. We also pick up litter on the grass and clear the grass cuttings off the path way.

Leaf collection

The landscaping team only collect leaves in our communal green areas. They are collected at the end of October/begining November along with the last grass cut of the season.

We do not collect leaves from our customers gardens. Pathway/roadways are the local authorities responsibility, collected by road sweepers.

Winter programme

Maintenance of  borders is carried out during the winter programme. We will clear weeds from the borders and beds when they are pruned. Hedging is cut twice a year at the end of July (to allow for nesting birds) and the end of October.

Tree maintenance

Silva Homes has completed a survey of all trees on our communal land. This helps us develop a full tree maintenance programme for our 15,000 trees. Where works are needed for health and safety reasons we will have the work completed as a matter of urgency. We will carry out tree works within our tenant gardens if a tree is causing structural damage to the main building or is a health and safety issue (i.e. diseased and dangerous). Any branches shrubs over hanging neighbour's gardens can be cut back as long as they are cut back sympathetically. We have a tree policy which sets out our approach to tree maintenance - please click here to read the policy.

We have answered your top tree related questions, so please click here to read them.