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If you feel you meet the criteria and would like to keep a pet, please read and complete the documents below then complete the form.

  1. Please read our pet ownership leaflet, which provides information about the pets you may keep and more

  2. Please read this additional useful information

  3. Complete the below responsible pet owner agreement. 

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Cinnamon Trust helps with pet care

A specialist charity is on hand to help elderly and terminally ill people and their pets to reduce anxieties and problems. Local volunteers provide practical help when any aspect of day-to-day care becomes a problem, for example walking the dog for a housebound owner.

There’s a national fostering service for pets whose owners face a spell in hospital – volunteers take pets into their own homes to care for them until the owner returns home. And there’s also long term care for anyone going into residential accommodation so owners have peace of mind in the knowledge that their companion will be well looked after.

To find out more about this service or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer please call 01736 757900, email or visit 

RSPCA award for approach to pet ownership

Our approach to pet ownership has been recognised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ (RSPCA) 2015 Community Animal Welfare Footprint (CAWF) scheme for encouraging responsible pet ownership in appropriate conditions. The award recognises our approach, which has clearly defined guidelines for pet ownership as well as some flexibility in individual cases. It also provides details of the pet owner’s responsibilities and explains which animals are allowed to be kept.

Piers Claughton, Senior Local Government Advisor at the RSPCA, added: “The RSPCA's CAWF scheme continues to showcase all that is good in local authorities and housing providers with regard to animal welfare. I am delighted that Silva Homes has become part of the scheme. The society was particularly impressed with the positive and flexible policy that allows for a localised pets policy. This should better ensure that responsible individuals can keep pets and enjoy all the benefits that pet ownership brings."

For more information about the CAWF, please visit the RSPCA website by clicking here.