Aids and adaptations for your home

Home adaptations can make life easier for people who have difficulty in managing at home because of a long term illness or disability. Information is available in our leaflet by clicking here.

Community alarm services

Forestcare answers calls from community alarms installed in homes across four of the unitary authorities of Berkshire. Find out more about lifeline alarms. 

Home adaptations

If you or a member of your family is having difficulty in managing at home because of a long term illness or disability, Social Services at the council or a trusted assessor from Silva Homes can assess your needs and advise you on what can be done to help you.

Trusted assessors

Silva Homes has trained staff who can carry out assessments for adaptation needs. The training was carried out by the Disabled Living Foundation and staff are known as trusted assessors. They are are able to assess for minor adaptations to help you round the home like:

  • Grab-rails
  • Stair hand-rails
  • Lighting
  • Lever taps
  • Shower seats
  • Toilet frames/seats.
If you feel that you would benefit from any of these adaptations, please contact us on 01344 382800. We will arrange for a trusted assessors to visit you.

For more major adaptations, your request may require a full assessment carried out by an occupational therapist. There are restrictions on works carried out on under-occupied properties.

Moving to a more suitable home

Moving to a more suitable home might be the best option, for example because: 

  • Stairs are a problem, you might find it easier to live in a flat or bungalow rather than a house
  • Another property may already have the adaptations that would help you, for example wet rooms or ramps
  • Sometimes adaptations might not be possible for technical reasons or they could be too expensive
  • You might want to consider moving to accommodation with support, for example our retirement living schemes.

Also, major adaptations will not usually be offered to tenants who are under-occupying their home, for example if they are a single person living in a family home.

This is because there are many families on the Housing Register who need larger homes, so we have to ensure that our housing resources are used as effectively as possible.

If you are considering moving and would like to know more, please call us on 01344 382800 for advice and assistance on transfers. We have a transfer incentive scheme to help with moving (eligibility criteria applies).